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CEO, Head Of Accounts

The Magician
Josh is the chief executive of the agency, with a knack for running the show.  Josh was a real magician for more than 12 years.  His showmanship skills blend nicely with his "formal education" in business entrepreneurship and law to make him the perfect liaison between clients and the agency.

Josh worked at large hotels and restaurants  while in college, so he has an uncanny ability to cater to your every need before you even know you have it.  No matter the situation, he always makes you feel at home.

Josh is also a master marketing strategist and a highly-skilled copywriter.  Having been mentored by some of the best in the world today, Josh is sharp as a tack when it comes to understanding business models and seeing the most clear path forward towards any vision.

When he's not busy writing killer copy, consulting clients on their marketing, or piloting the agency to new heights, you'll find Josh taking cross-country road trips to explore often overlooked places, or performing impossible magic for unsuspecting bystanders.

Creative Director

The Architect

Ben is the brains behind the entire operation.  Creative advertising and digital marketing strategy is his strong suit.  Having learned from true marketing legends, Ben understands the subtleties and sequencing of campaigns like an ad man straight out of 1960s Madison Ave.  

A taskmaster of discipline when it comes to directing the copywriting team, he leads the agency into battle from the front lines in a way that would make George Washington proud.  

By far the most remarkable talent Ben possesses is his genuine care and love for each client's business, which he sees as if it were his own.  This gives him the ability to understand their vision and articulate it in a way they often can't fathom.  It's this creativity that's responsible for scaling multiple online businesses that otherwise may have never had a prayer.

When he's not busy working on businesses, you'll find Ben working hard at the gym.  You may also find him in the great outdoors, or enjoying a glass of scotch at a trendy rooftop bar.

Copy Chief

The Master Chef

Dom is hands down the most unique and interesting character you'll ever meet.  His background trumps all others, as he's constantly willing to go where no one else will.  Dom's known for traveling the world off the beaten path, in search of atypical adventure and uncommon wisdom his brain can later distill into million-dollar copywriting ideas.  (For example, he once spent six months living and working on a client's farm in Humboldt County, California.)  

Dom's sometimes baffling experiences combine perfectly with his inherent talent for always finding the right words, and this fusion has resulted in millions of dollars in sales for many online brands.  

Dom has also trained and worked directly with some of the top A-list copywriters in the world today.  All of this has resulted in his ability to craft high-performing copy for our clients, and direct our junior copywriters to successfully duplicate his results.

When he's not working or off on some strange adventure, you'll find Dom bowling, fishing, or at music festivals.

Our Story

Friends since childhood, Josh, Ben, and Dom grew up in Washington Township New Jersey, a suburb of Philadelphia.  

At a very young age they knew entrepreneurship was in their blood.  When they were only in middle school, they built a makeshift "casino" in Josh and Ben's basement and hosted casino nights and poker tournaments for friends and neighbors.  The regular parties became so popular they enlisted the help of nine of their friends and taught them how to run games, handle chips, and even spot would-be card counters who could try to swindle them out of monopoly money.

Even while they attended "formal education" they knew they wanted to start a business together.  In 2016, they decided to take the plunge and start an info-marketing company centered around self-improvement.  

The trio quickly found out they needed to learn copywriting if they wanted to succeed, so they dove in and began studying every book they could find on how to write effective sales copy.  Dom spent his entire life savings to attend an exclusive copywriting bootcamp in California with some of the best copywriters in the world, and all three spent countless hours painstakingly writing classic sales letters by hand.

As they soon realized, the info-marketing business couldn't survive on pure hustle alone.  Without any funding and only a few audiobook sales to show for their efforts, they went out of business in 2017 — only a year after they started.  But it turned out the real story hadn't begun.

While working side hustles and odd jobs to make ends meet, the three continued to hone their skills as direct-response copywriters.  They continued to write regular newsletters to their small email list, and soon they found their way into a mentorship group for aspiring email copywriters.

In 2018 Josh, Ben, and Dom made the decision to return to the marketplace and rebrand their company as The Email Agency.  This began a new mission — to help other successful online businesses grow with the power of direct response email marketing.

Soon they had their first clients, and all the hard work of the past years slowly began to pay off.  Within a year they had successfully grown multiple e-commerce businesses at an exponential rate.  

As of 2020, The Email Agency has sent millions of emails and generated multiple seven-figures while servicing clients across a range of niches including apparel, leather goods, home decor, biz opp, gaming, office furniture, CBD, health supplements, survivalist/prepper, and B2B financial services.

The Email Agency is on a mission to multiply the profits of 1,000 companies with direct response email marketing and copywriting.

If you're interested in learning more, check out our free case study:

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