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We’ll Outpull Your Best Emails with Direct Response email marketing

We’ll Outpull Your Best Emails with Direct Response email marketing

We help Ecommerce brands gain an edge in their market using highly profitable, personality-driven email campaigns.

Meet our clients

Athletic Sportswear Brand Trusted By Gold Medal Olympic Athletes

Craft Sportswear sells apparel & footwear to high-performance athletes around the world. They sponsor several Olympic Athletes and were featured in the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.

Jon Howard, their Marketing Director for the North America division, first hired us in 2021 to build their BFCM Email Strategy. To his surprise, our campaigns performed “too well”… with our revenue numbers outshining the performance of Craft’s retail partners. Which was good news for him.

Men’s Lifestyle Brand Sells Handcrafted Leather Goods, Apparel and Drinkware

Savage Gentleman is on a mission to help men become the best version of themselves. By embracing their rugged “savage” side, and their more refined “gentleman” side – they show the modern man how to become whole. Bringing about the ideal state of the Savage Gentleman.

When Josh Tyler first met us in 2019, he was skeptical that we would be able to capture a voice as unique as his in our emails. Within days of hiring us, we generated a response from his audience that changed the way they did marketing forever.

Independent Artist Raises $500K For Charity With YouTube Influencers & Email Marketing

Pixel Empire sells posters, apparel and artwork to Gamers. Its founder, Dylan West, is an independent artist with a passion for creating unique designs for his favorite YouTubers and Video Games.

Dylan’s talents not only help him inspire his friends & fans to live a more creative lifestyle, but also raise large sums of money for good causes. In 90 Days of working with us, we’re proud to have helped him generate nearly $500,000 for Critical Care Comics & Children’s Miracle Network.

“Thank you so much for helping us become not only consistent with our emails but also congruent in our brand messaging, and helping us create a voice that resonates with our audience. Email has now become one of our primary sales channels. I highly recommend The Email Agency.”

Aaron Landreth

Owner, Hero Support Headquarters

“We thought we had emails figured out… That was, until the team at The Email Agency proved to us how wrong we were. They boosted our store conversion rate from 1% to 3.3% by conveying why our customers NEED our brand and products. I highly recommend these guys, and promise you won’t be disappointed in the thoughtful, yet aggressive tactics used to make your customers engage with your brand and ultimately, give you their hard-earned money.”

Matt Winslow

Co-Founder, Savage Gentleman

“The Email Agency has reinforced the value of email in our customer relationships and business success. Their professional, detail oriented approach has helped us create engaging experiences for new customers while increasing our share of revenue from email up to 40% of online sales. You know your business, but they know email.”

Jason Wyrwicz

Owner, Pots Planters & More

“TEA’s email marketing has been a tremendous benefit to our company. Month over Month we see our KPIs going up and our stress going down. We can always count on them to deliver great content and brainstorm new ways to get our emails in customers’ inboxes, not their spam folders. We couldn’t ask for more from an email marketing team.”

Morgan Reed

Director of Marketing, The Lamp Stand

“BFCM was a great success thanks to you guys! We generated significant growth on our sales this year compared to last year. Our store was declining because of our focus on Amazon and for the first time this year we made significantly more than last year. Well done!”

Jose Luis Paes-Leme

Owner, NaturaNectar

Enjoy The Benefits of a Complete Email & SMS System – With Smarter Campaigns, Automations, and Results

Email Marketing

Done-For-You Email Marketing

Hand off your email program to our team of trained Email Specialists. We’ll handle everything from email copy & design to deliverability and data-driven performance optimization. Best of all, every client we work with gets a custom plan tailored to your store’s unique needs. No cookie-cutter solutions. (And, in case you were wondering… YES we also do SMS!)


Done-With-You Consulting

Want one-on-one help with your email marketing? We offer consulting packages that give you private access to our top Email Specialists. On Day 1, we build you a custom Email & SMS Strategy. Then, we collaborate with you on bi-weekly calls to help you execute every step of the way. You also get unlimited creative critiques. And Loom assistance to help you troubleshoot any of those pesky tech issues.

Online Training
& Group Coaching

Online Training & Group Coaching

For some stores, the best way to grow is with a smart in-house marketing team. We get this. That’s why we’ve created an Online Training Program that teaches you our agency’s Email & SMS system we use for our private clients. Inside, you get access to our proprietary IP Portal with up-to-date strategy videos, templates and weekly Open Office Hours calls for hands-on help.

Case Studies


Athletic Apparel Brand Adds An EXTRA $1,205,195.48 In New Email Revenue

Our client is famous for selling sportswear to Olympic athletes, both online and in retail stores around the world. After hiring us to do their BFCM Emails, we tripled their email sales from the previous year, with E-commerce sales outpacing retail for the first time ever.

During the next year, we increased email revenue by 116%, making it their largest sales channel by far. Email alone made up 50% of all online sales.


In-House Marketing Team DOUBLES Email Sales After We Train Them

Our client was a new startup in the Ergonomic Office Furniture space during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With everyone suddenly working from home, standing out in this VERY competitive space was a real challenge.

They hired us to train their marketing team on doing Email & SMS the right way. After completing our Email Accelerator program, they increased Email Revenue by 104%, generating a total of $1.2 million from email for the year.


We Helped A Gaming Art & Merch Store Raise $456,284* For Charity

Our client runs an annual fundraising campaign to raise donations for 2 well-known childrens’ charities. Last year, their Emails & SMS made $204,276 in sales that contributed to the fundraiser.

After hiring us to run the Emails & SMS for this year’s fundraiser, our campaigns generated $375,518. That’s an 84% increase Year-over-Year (YoY).

*$456,284 is the actual amount raised for charity from proceeds calculated after expenses*


Why choose us

Josh and Ben Kropkof are two brothers who founded The Email Agency in 2018. With backgrounds in Direct Response Copywriting, they discovered a gap in the E-commerce Marketplace they were determined to fill. Too many brands neglect personality in their email marketing, instead opting for outdated corporate-style advertisements most people call “spam”.

Now, they are on a mission to help 10,000 DTC Brands take the marketplace by storm using the power of their unique voice – to bridge the gap between good customer relationships and great financial results.

By bringing the worlds of Personality-Driven Copy & Conversion-Focused Design together – The Email Brothers are helping store owners, marketing teams and freelancers of all kinds revolutionize the way we email.

Josh Kropkof

Co-founder & CEO

Ben Kropkof

Co-founder & Creative Director

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